As Vivienne Benesch prepares to leave Chautauqua Theater Company for Playmaker’s Rep, Andrew Borba (the sweet man he is) has rallied her alumni to create a send-off book for her of haiku about CHQ.  For those who haven’t gotten to experience the nocturnal flutterings of the institution’s infamous bats, you should know there’s a few who take up residence in the theater & sometimes emerge during performances.  I’ve always loved bats & thus, my poem is about them:

‘Mong darkened rafters
wings unfurl. Lights, now aglow
attracted dinner


Started this a while ago, but with all the transitions in my life haven’t gotten to work on it until now.  Current draft:


Hills blush green with grass

Orange blossoms burst on trees

Naroli delights


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I don’t know who reads this, so I don’t know if you care.  But if you have an opinion on this, please let me know.  Any recommendations would be helpful!

So I’ve been doing yoga a while, but semi-offten I feel like the yoga is going too fast for me.  I like a little time to be aware of of my pose, to enjoy my pose, to be aware of my breath & to get to enjoy it.  But it often seems like the instructors I’ve had have gone a little too fast.  Or especially online (I try to keep yoga in my life even when I don’t have time for classes) they really don’t seem aware of their speed sometimes. Or maybe I just breathe slowly.   Has anyone experienced this?  Is there a specific branch out there that’s slower?

Jumping in at the last minute to help on the workshop a truly beautiful piece: Strange Fellowe.

See their blog here.

Facebook event info here.


Rehearsal pic


While looking at an LED flashlight online, I was surprised to see the example photos for it:


As if this weren’t surprising enough, the item commonly purchased with it was: